Tummy girl graduated in Communications and French. She currently works in a PR agency, where she can associate some of her interests as writing, being close to the media world and a few advertising/promoting/branding activities. She enjoys reading during the subway ride, painting at night and traveling (the more the better). Also, she is an authentic foodie, interested in food history, the hospitality industry, food experiences and cooking. She believes sharing a good meal is the first step to friendship and a  defining moment for long lasting relationships. Writing for this blog is mostly about sharing food experiences for her, as well as talking about lifestyle, travels, trends…

Tummy profile: hungry and greedy.

Tummy favorites: foie gras and onion jam, butter mashed potatoes, leek fondue and scallops.

Tummy torture: endive, citrus fruits.


Tummy boy graduated from university in 2010 with a B.S. in Business. After having a fantastic time traveling in Europe for a year, he is currently grinding it out in NYC interning for an importing company and working at a restaurant at night. With little free time, Tummy boy enjoys eating out, reading, cooking new dishes, growing mushrooms in his closet (culinary mushrooms), running and let’s not forget trivia nights.

Why write about food, simply put because Tummy boy loves it. He loves eating, and he loves eating good. None of this reduced fat or manufactured stuff that you find on every aisle of the supermarket, but rich and creamy dairy, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish on ice and hanging meat or anything he can’t pronounce. He will try everything once and has only found one food he has had trouble swallowing (andouille). From this blog Tummy boy just wants to document his food experiences in creative way and if you enjoy this make a comment or just keep reading.

Tummy profile: adventurous and curious.

Tummy favorites: butternut squash, foie gras, bacon and beef stroganoff.

Tummy torture: andouille.

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